Tongxiang Fangao IMP&EXP
We deal with kinds of Yarn and Fiber: Silk yarn/fiber, linen yarn/fiber, bamboo yarn/fiber...Ect. We have our own factories offer spun silk yarn 60nm/2, 120nm/2, 140nm/2, 210nm/2 and mulberry/tussah silk sliver/top/fiber. Due to lack of time and space, we have not been able to include all the commodities we can offer and we therefore ask that you make your inquiries for any items that do not appear on the list. We would also appreciate receiving details regarding the commodities we can offer and we are therefore certain that business can be consummated between us. If you are not interested in taking advantage of the offerings on the list, please be good enough to forward it to some of you friends or a firm, who may be interested in these items. With kindest regards,